Welcome to Reflective. Reflective is a software testing technology company dedicated to helping customers improve the quality of their applications portfolio. The Company provides automated application testing products and services that give customers deeper visibility into the quality, safety and integrity of their software. With Reflective, software development organizations generate better quality code faster and avoid wasting expensive application testing cycles in the process. The company’s core product, Prism, offers continuous, automated assessment of software quality and readiness. 


    The Prism 1000 Analyzer

Designed as an enterprise-level testing solution, Prism provides customers three primary benefits:

1. Rapid identification, tracking and resolution of quality and security issues without reliance on or deployment of new developer tools. Prism identifies issues the client cares about and reports their location in the code so the team can make an intelligent decision about what to fix and when to fix it.

2. Recognition of planned and unplanned changes in code. With Prism, customers have objective data as to exactly what has changed in their software from build-to-build. This enables better assessment as to when software is ready for the next stage of development or when the application itself is ready for release.

3. The ability to set, measure and manage customer or application-specific software quality standards. Every customer’s development environment and software quality needs are unique. Prism enables customers to set and control their own software quality standards and cost-effectively measure whether the development organization is meeting those standards – all without imposing new testing tools on the developer.

An automated and cost effective solution for rapidly identifying and removing software issues in code without impeding the application development cycle means the enterprise can immediately improve quality and reduce the risk associated with issues in software.

Making better software testing easier and more “hassle free,” means higher quality software applications are released to market.  That’s Reflective’s goal.

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